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Dynamix Days at Westmount Park Elementary School
Michelle Santilli - April 2015

On Tuesday, April 14th and Friday, April 17th, the students at WPS honed their team-work with the help of the awesome animators from Dynamix! They participated in events geared to encourage the development of team spirit, respect for others and problem-solving skills. Each event was packed with challenges that require children to work together through a series of high-energy, fun, and fast-paced games designed to teach valuable interpersonal skills. A good time was had by all!

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Sweet Times at Westmount Park Elementary School
By: Michelle Santilli - March 2015

The students and teachers at Westmount Park Elementary School were treated to a wonderful Quebec tradition – sugaring off. Then entire school visited Cabane à Sucre LaBranche over the course of three days. For many of our students this was the first time that they tasted maple syrup. It was love at first bite!

The day was fillere tapped for their sap. They also visiting a miniature farm where they were hard-pressed to choose their favourite creature. Among the front-runners d with lots of exciting new experiences: the children rode in a horse-drawn wagon through the maple groves. Their driver told them all about how maples awere the peacock, feisty goats, shy little lambs, and curious calf. From there it was off to the kitchen where the children got to see and hear first-hand how the maple sap becomes maple syrup. The smell alone was mouth-wateringly delicious. By then, everyone was ready for lunch. The good news is that lunch was ready for them as well!

The food was incredible. The stars were the traditional sugar shack fare: pea soup, sliced ham, fluffy eggs, home-style breakfast potatoes, baked beans, coleslaw, pickled beets, pickles, bacon, pork rinds and of course, fresh rolls. Our halal and vegetarian friends were not left out, there was a scrumptious vegetable soup, root vegetable casserole and meat-free beans to fill their bellies. Then there was dessert … we all had pancakes with fresh maple syrup and an out-of-this-world treat called “grands-pères à l'érable.” A moist cake swimming in a sea of warm maple sugar sauce.

With bellies filled to bursting, the children and staff made their way back to the main room to get dressed for the trip back to school. On their way out, a surprise was waiting … “tire!” Each one got a popsicle stick rolled into warm maple taffy. It was the perfect sweet ending to a Quebec tradition among the maples.