At Westmount Park School , we take the possibility of violence and bullying very seriously. All students are expected to treat people with kindness, consideration and respect. Insensitivity, fighting, bullying, cyber-bullying - that is, intimidation using websites and social media - and hurtful language are not acceptable.

In collaboration with the internal Safe School Team, the Governing Board adopts a Safe School Action Plan each year that outlines measures for preventing and responding to acts of bullying and violence in our school, in accordance with the EMSB Safe Physical and Cyber Environment Policy and the Quebec Education Act. We encourage you to consult this document by clicking on the link to the right.

Stopping violence is everyone's responsibility

Westmount Park School is committed to ensuring that professional and teaching staff receive ongoing training on how to respond appropriately when witnessing or being made aware of harmful behaviours, but we cannot tackle this problem alone.

Our school expects students, parents/guardians and others who witness or learn about an act of violence or bullying involving a student to report it promptly. Our school administration will take the necessary steps to investigate reports and ensuring safety for those concerned.