Parent Participation Organization

The Westmount Park Parent Participation Organization (P.P.O.) is the committee that has been granted the mandate by the Governing Board to oversee and execute fund-raising activities. It is an active committee which welcomes all to get involved in any way they are able. The committee meets on a monthly basis in the evening; however, the committee is always on the look out for those parents who can help out during the many daytime events. It is a committee that works tirelessly to offer the students of Westmount Park School enrichment and a wealth of opportunities.

How do I join the P.P.O.?

Each September, Westmount Park holds a General Assembly of parents in the school gym, where the members of the P.P.O. are chosen. For more information about meetings and how to join the P.P.O., please contact us at

2022-2022 P.P.O. Members