Westmount Park Governing Board

The Governing Board is the legal body of the school as defined in The Education Act. Members are elected to this committee at a General Meeting held in September. It meets once a month on a Tuesday afternoon. It works closely with the Administration to advise and work to achieve the goals of the school as expressed in The Mission Statement, The Educational Project and The Success Plan.

Members 2023-2024

Administration (Non-voting members)

Principal Marco Gagliardi
Vice-Principal Chrisoula Pappas

Parents (voting members)

Chairperson Rony Wahed
Parent – Secretary Shalani Bel 
Parent - Delegate EMSB Parents Committee Iulia-Cristina Ionescu 
Parent - Alternate EMSB Parents Committee Rony Wahed
Community Representative Jennifer Maxwell
Parents Mujdat Ozel
Parents Alternate Kassaye Berhanu-Macdonald
Parents Alternate Nicholas Lalli

Staff Members

Teacher Christine Philp
Teacher Tina Truffa
Service de garde /Daycare Deborah Mete

How do I join the Governing Board?

Each September, Westmount Park holds a General Assembly of parents in the school gym, where the parent members of the Governing Board are elected by general vote. For more information about meetings and how to join the Governing Board, please contact the Governing Board chairperson or Westmount Park's principal.

Want to know more?

More information on Governing Boards can be found by consulting EMSB website by clicking on the link below:

School Governing Boards