Events and Field Trips

Field trips are part of your child’s school experience and safety on these trips is most important.  On field trips children must:

  • wear the school uniform (t-shirt or colour code)
  • listen and follow directions
  • speak and behave towards adults and other children in a respectful manner
  • remain with the group at all times

Field trips are a privilege and not a right. Inappropriate behaviour when outside of the school could endanger your child or another.  Students will not be able to go on field trips if they are not attending school regularly and they must be capable of following the above rules.

No student may be taken away from the school premises without written consent of the parent.Please sign and return permission slips promptly.

As Westmount Park School is fortunate to be located very near a library, a park, and other facilities, a Neighborhood Consent Form will allow us to enjoy these facilities without a signed consent on every occasion; however, you will be informed in the agenda or in a notice of any trips in the neighborhood.

Westmount Park students are often complimented on their manners, their interest, cooperation and participation by the animators and hosts of the various places we visit.

As field trips are subsidized by school funds, school fees must be paid in full or a payment plan must be in place for a child to participate.