The Westmount Park Way

The Westmount Park way:

  • Talk it out.  Don’t fight.
  • Talk respectfully.  Don’t use nasty names or words.
  • Share the space.  You must not say that someone can’t play.
  • Be nice.  Don’t spread rumors.

We ask students to make a commitment to the following:

  • I respect myself and act in a way which shows that I always try to do my best.
  • I respect others and act in a way which shows that I care about their feelings.
  • I respect my environment and act in a way which shows that I am proud of my school.
  • I know and understand the rules and regulations.

Because I respect myself, others and the school:

  • I always walk in the building.
  • I always use my inside voice inside..
  • I always speak politely.
  • I always answer politely.
  • I always pay attention to safety.

At lunchtime in the cafeteria:

  • I remain calm and seated.
  • I request permission to leave the room.
  • I clean up after myself.
  • I follow instructions from the lunch monitors.
  • I respect everyone.

In the playground I play without aggressive behaviour:

  • I don’t hit, kick, trip or push others.
  • I don’t throw rocks, snow or ice at any time.
  • I know that play fighting is not playing and not permitted.
  • I play only in the proper areas.
  • I line up as soon as the bell rings.

During fire drills:

  • I have my shoes on.
  • I line up quickly and quietly in single file.
  • I listen to instructions.